arduino uno smd not recognized by IDE on mac

Using macOS with arduino 1.85 i can easily connect and upload sketches to an arduino Uno with the real chip. The IDE obtains proper board info
BN: Arduino/Genuino Uno
VID: 2341
PID: 0043
SN: 55732323330351514291

and connects on /dev/cu.usbmodem1421

I also recently obtained an arduino UNO R3 smd. Picture attached. When connecting the usb cable , the 'on' led is solid red and the L led is blinking. No board info is obtainable. Attempts to flash the arduino show an error saying nothing is connected.

How does one use this kind of arduino?

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That board appears to use the CH340 USB-TTL serial adapter. You likely need to install the driver for that board:

After installing the driver, don't forget to select the correct port from the Tools > Port menu. Because of the CH340 chip, you will never get anything under Tools > Board info and the board will not be labeled as an Uno under the Tools > Port menu.

thank you. how does one identify these details from the terrible picture i posted?

Because there is clearly an SOIC-16 package there. The 16u2 on official boards (and the cp2102 on a few clones) are in qfn and ft232rl (used on some clones - but often counterfeit) is TSSOP-something (maybe 28?). They look very different from eachother

There are two different USB-TTL serial adapter chips commonly used on the Uno-ish boards: ATmega16U2 and CH340.

This is what the ATmega16U2 looks like:

This is what the CH340 looks like:

So even though I can't see the writing on the chip in your picture, just from the IC package I can make a good guess that it's CH340.