Arduino UNO SMD startup problem


whenever i program my arduino uno, if i unplug in and re-plug, the last program i uploaded doesnt work, i always need to re-program it.

I saw this link with some solutions:

But all solution i need to spent money, that is not nice. Anyone knows a way to solve this problem without spending money??

Thanks, Chaud

You can burn the latest bootloader onto it. Do you have access to an Arduino Duemilanove, or a supported ICSP (in circuit serial programmer)?

Also, since there is every indication that the new versions of the Arduino IDE and avrdude have some issues with some ICSP programmers (USBtinyISP and any of the serbb programmers) I'd advise getting a hold of the previous version of the Arduino IDE.

I have two Uno’s, one is smd r3 the other the classic Uno. both are immediately recognized by my Mac, but my windows machine will not recognize the Uno smd. I’ve plugged the classic Uno in to windows, uploaded to it and ran a simple program and immediately plugged in the smd, and still no go.

Windows beeps when the classic Uno is plugged in, the smd gives me a “odd” sound ie it doesn’t recognize it. So both boards work with a Mac, but the smd is not being recognized by windows.

I’m running Win 7 64 bit…