Arduino Uno Somo14d Prb Upload

I'm Sorry about my bad English (FR) I've a problem When i test this code

/* Connections: SOMO-14D clk pin to arduino pin 8 SOMO-14D data pin to arduino pin 9 SOMO-14D busy pin to arduino pin 10 */

include "SOMO14D.h"

SOMO14D somo14d;

void setup() {

somo14d.begin(8, 9, 10);; }

void loop() {

delay(10); }

The Upload is ok but when my Somo14d must play a song nothing happened. Can u help me ? Thanks


I've already test it and it work but now when i upload again this doesn't work

Connect a (red) LED to pin 5, via 470 Ohm to GND. Light means busy - no new command accepted Connect a 100uF..470uF capacitor pin 8(Vcc) to GND Pin 10, RESET, can be grounded shortly to reset the chip. Leave floating or connect to Vcc for 'normal operation'