Arduino UNO + Start/Stop frequency inverter

Hi everyone,

I want to control a frequency inverter with Arduino UNO. I only need START/STOP.
Inverter Manual

I have chosen the ALsw- configuration (pages 20-21 from Manual): So, I placed a N channel Mosfet 2N7000 (GATE to output 11 Arduino, SOURCE to GND Arduino, DRAIN to PIN 1 inverter). Moreover, I have a R=10K between GATE and SOURCE. Finally, PIN 4 from inverter is connected to GND Arduino. (I attach the connections)

Then I wrote this code to check the start/stop with a digital input:

int comandar=11;

void setup()
pinMode(comandar, OUTPUT);

void loop()
digitalWrite(comandar, HIGH);

digitalWrite(comandar, LOW);

The problem is… It doesn´t work.

The inverter parameters that I changed are:(pages 26 and 30 from inverter manual)

P100: Start control source = 1 (Terminal strip: Use start/stop circuit wired into the terminal strip)
P120: Assertion level = 1(LOW)

What did I do wrong? I suppose I need to change another parameters ¿?
Any idea?

Thank you in advance

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Try to connect 1 & 4 using jumper wire, see what happened.
I don't think you need a resistor in drain line on the mosfet.

Thank you Magician, I agree with the resistor in drain line. In fact, I tried without the R and its the same result.

I´m sorry but… What do you mean with 1&4 connected? 1 is for start/stop control and 4 is GND with ALsw- configuration.

Thank you again


any idea?