Arduino uno starter kit


I want to buy an arduino uno starter kit but i don't know if i'll have to buy the 9v adaptator separately ?

i'll appreciate your help

Do you have a link to what you want to buy? Does the description say if a 9V adapter is included?
Are you asking about a 9V battery adapter, or a wallwart (120/240VAC to 9V DC)?

i don’t want to buy the battery, just the adaptator which i’ll need, in addition of the usb cable.

You can find what i want to buy here :

and for the adaptator that i am talking about here :


I don’t see an adapter listed in the parts provided.

The adapter you linked to will be fine.
You don’t need the adapter while the board is powered from the USB port for most projects.
You do need it if you want to power the board with being connected to a PC.

Be careful powering motors - they should not be powered from the board, you can damage parts on the board.

I dont know if that is a good idea.