Arduino Uno + Step by Step motor + Stepper + Clock

Hi everyone, I am a total beginner in this whole field and all I can read at the moment is gibberish to me… I am trying to run a motor according to the following cycle:

  • runs 120 seconds at 10 sec per revolution
  • pause 528 seconds
  • turns 120 seconds in the other direction at the same speed
  • pause 528 seconds
    → start again continuously.

the goal of all this is to build a watch winder :wink:

I have an Arduino Uno, a Nema 17 motor, a TB6600 stepper, and I would like to integrate a DS1302 clock to keep track of time and to be able to run for an “unlimited” time …
I’ve tried to do it myself but I can’t get anything done…
Can you help me with the code and the wire connections?

Thank you very much in advance !!!

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