Arduino Uno+Stepper+Supply

Hello guys.

My teacher gave the task to solder a circuit to supply and connect my Arduino uno, to a 12 V,2A and ~5nm holding torque, stepper motor.

Im a bit puzzled. How can i connect my arduino to this. I looked for switched power supplys, consisting of mainly diodes and capacitors to make smooth voltage and a transistor (who is supposed to get the arduino pwn?) to control the transformator.

Would this work?

Edit: Since its a bipolar motor i would need 2 of theese supplys for each motor inductance, right?

I don't understand the diagram - and anyway designing electronic circuits is not my thing.

This seems like a strange task to be given unless you are on a fairly advanced course.

Most people use an off-the-shelf stepper motor driver board such as the Pololu A4988 - though that may not be powerful enough for your 2amp motor.


half of what you need

As far as I can see the author of that "playwithmyled" link says that his system is not much good.

And an L293 can only provide 1 amp per channel. And it can't limit current if you want to use a high voltage to make the stepper turn faster.

The L293 and L298 are designed for driving DC motors. They can be made to drive stepper motors but it is so much easier to use a proper stepper driver.