Arduino Uno suddenly not recognized anymore!

Hi all,

I have been using my Arduino Uno on an OS-X MACbook for a while now with no issues. Since this morning I noticed I couldn't upload any Sketches anymore and the COM Port within the SW is not listed. Only generic BLUETOOTH ports are listed. I have done the usual double-checks and can not really see what might be the problem. I have already:

  1. Reinstalled the FTDI drivers - no change
  2. Changed USB cable - no change
  3. Changed the AtMEGA328P-PU (I have a spare) - no change

So I am a bit confused thinking maybe the ATMEG 18u2 chip fried/corrupt? Is there a way to find out or repair? I wish they had used an IC socket for the 18u2 chip as well. Don't know how many layers this board has but there certainly seems to be enough real estate for it.

At any rate, without a COM Port I'm dead in the water and can't really trouble shoot meaningfully unless there is a better way? When I power up the board (connect the USB cable), it does look like the Sketch already loaded before is actually running (just guessing) since the TX LED keeps blinking indicating send of data to the TFT display ...

Any insight will be appreciated! Thank you b

Best guess is the USB Com ports been highjacked by another process..

Have you installed anything recently??

If you know how to use a terminal window you can see whats connected by listing by using ..List the USB

$ ls /dev/tty.usb* /dev/tty.usbmodem14121

If the boards connected you get this..

If not connected you should get an error no device . My guess is you will get a device connection then your half way to finding out whose pinched it..

happy coding 8) 8)