Arduino Uno swap for Basic Stamp 1

I have a circuit diagram for a programmable device for versatile current delivery, which utilizes a Basic Stamp I (BS1-IC, Parallax), and I would like to substitute an Arduino Uno for this project. Is there a simple minded diagram that would allow me to translate the connections made to the BS1 to the Uno (i.e., power in (+) on the BS1 is terminal 1, on the Uno you would wire to terminal ?)? Any references would be appreciated.

Can you show us the existing circuit with exact annotation.

For example what does "power" mean in this context. It may by 5v on the BS but for an Arduino 7-12v is normal IF using the DC jack.

Also on the Arduino>hardware page you will find schematics for all of the Arduino boards.


Rob, I’ve attached a pdf of the circuit diagram. It should be fairly self explanatory with the caption provided. I’d like to substitute an Arduino Uno for the BS1-IC shown in the diagram. Let me know what you think.

circuit.pdf (35.4 KB)

Referring to the photo on this page

BS pin 1 - 9v - Either connect to the DC jack or VIN (bottom left connector) 2 - GND - Either connect to a GND on the headers or as part of pin 1's DC connection on the DC jack 3 - ?? - not shown what this does 4 - ?? - not shown what this does 7,8,9 - digital outputs, connect to any digital OP (except 0 and 1) on the Arduino, top right on the photo


Arduino outputs should only be used to drive about 20mA, maybe 25 or 30 depending on the duty cycle. You circuit shows these pins directly driving relays and a buzzer so you will have to look at the drive requirements of these to ensure they conform to that.

If not you will have to add transistors to beef up the signals.


Rob, Thanks for your help. Connections 3 and 4 from BS1-IC to the block at the base of the circuit diagram are referred to as the “transmission path to a PC parallel port”. On an Uno, I presume this is handled through the USP connection?