Arduino Uno tft Display

Does anyone know how to program arduino uno r3 with tft lcd display ili9325 to work with simhub DASHBOARD app?? Thanks in advance ..

this is the display : 2.8 inch TFT Touch LCD Screen Display Module for arduino UNO R3

Your display is a regular "Blue 2.8 inch Mcufriend" style shield.

The link says ILI9325 or R61505.
Many libraries will work with ILI9325. Few with R61505.

Post a link to the simhub DASHBOARD app source code.
Then we can tell you which library to choose.


yes but because i am new to all this and i dont know many staff you can please help me how to do all the process to finally connect with the simhub app?

I have no idea what the simhub app might be.

Of course I could Google for it.
But since this is your project you should do the Googling. Then post a link to whatever this application might be.


Simhub is a program that you can simulate dashboard from many games like f1 2020 to tft display arduino

I have no idea what f1 2020 is.
I can only offer advice if you provide a link.