Arduino Uno to CIM Motor via Victor SPX

I am currently using a Arduino Uno Board Model R3 and will be connecting it to a CIM motor via a Victor SPX speed controller. My issue here is that I have no idea how to connect the speed controller to the Arduino Uno. Also, I am having trouble finding a code that suits my project and the distances at which I want the CIM motor to launch some tennis balls. This is for a senior design project where a dog fetching device will be operated by an ATMega328P and permit the CIM motor to launch the tennis balls at 3, 7, and 11 yards, respectively. I have included a schematic image of how the victor spx is connected to motor and atmega. I also included images of the components being used and their specifications. In summary, it would really benefit me if someone had an Arduino Schematic with all three components being connected and possibly have a code that would enable a ball to be thrown at the distances listed. Thank you in advanced and will answer any inquiries that are posted!

From what I could see you need to control it with a CAN link to accomplish what you want. You need to read the documentation for the controller and motor to determine what you need to communicate to the controller to get it to do what you want. You also need to set up the controller and Arduino so they can communicate. Just a hint CAN needs a responder to operate. If it is to much you can go to another section of this board and hire somebody to do your design, this is not a 1 Day project.

I still have 3 weeks left, i am willing to pay if that is the issue here. I just need help with all of this, I have never really worked with robotic components let alone with a victor spx. I also would have issues with the code. If anyone is willing to lend a hand, the sooner the better, i would gladly appreciate it. Again the arduino setup is just to test the motor and victor spx. I will not be including it in the project since it will be powered by the atmega328p.