Arduino Uno to control two Esc's

hey Im working on a school project where I have to build a RC robot with the Arduino uno. I decided to make tank track for my robot with two esc's. the esc is a Hobbywing QUICRUN 1060. the last step I need is to program these ESC's but thats where I have no idea what to do.because of how the track system works the motors will have to spin in opposite directions to go forward or backwards. I'm hopping to connect it t a ps4 controller I have so that way I can use the two joy sticks to control the speed and turning. any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Try the servo-library... (angle converts to speed)

Yes an ESC is controlled like a servo. If you look at the Knob example in the IDE that should drive an ESC as easily as a servo. Note that if you have the ESC set in forward/reverse mode then writing an angle of roughly 90 will be stopped with 0 full speed one way and 180 full speed the other way.


And break your project down into small pieces.

  • First get the motors to work. Consider using the servo sweep tutorial as a starting point for that to run one ESC.
  • After you get that working, change it to make both ESCs work.
  • Then tackle the controller without using the EXCs at all, just print to the serial monitor the values you get from the controller.
  • Then combine the code that reads the controller with the code that talks to the ESCs.

Will your controller be wired directly to the tank or are you using wireless communication? If wireless, then you might need some more hardware and more steps in the piece by piece list I made above.

thank you! I will start with that. I appreciate the help