Arduino UNO to register as USB MIDI device


I have read here and there about that the Arduino UNO should be able to register as a "class compliant" USB device, for example to show up as a MIDI device.

I would like to do just that, problem is I don't understand half or it... ATmega8U2, LUFA, USB HID class, etc.

Could some wise and kind person please explain to a poor noob exactly how to make this happen?

And also a little on how to send and recieve MIDI messages to and from the computer...

or point me to links that does this...

Thanks, and keeep up the great work all Fredrik

Don't know the answer but a good source for USB thingies is It also includes a USB specific forum.

You have to reprogram the Atmega8U2 chip that takes care of the USB /Serial communication. Try google...

how to send and recieve MIDI messages to and from the computer

MIDI is a serial protocol and ... --->

Note there is a midi shield (no USB but MIDI)


im looking for information on the same thing!

the shield is not an option because i want to send midi over the Uno's USB port,

from what ive learnt so far, you need to either short some pins or connect the ICSP jumper (the 6 upright pins on the board that are not part of the I/O pins) and then reprogram the atmega which is between the Atmega 328 (which is the main chip on the uno) and the USB port,

you reprogram it in LUFA, to convert serial to midi data, which apparently the LUFA library already has these protocols you just need to implement them, (but i still havent worked out that bit)

and then as long as the Uno is accepted by the generic driver for the USB class as a midi device you should be good to go!

but any more information from anyone on this subject would be greatly appreciated!