Arduino Uno Too Many Com Ports

New to Arduino Uno and no driver or upload issues. My problem is I will have 6 different programs each installed on 3 Arduino Uno boards (18 total) and so far each one sets up a new com port. This is tedious at best when switching between programs or uploading a revised version on each group of three. I anticipate this procedure in the 100s of reps. Is there a way to keep all the Arduino Uno boards on the same com port? Thank you for your time.

Hi, Interesting question…

But we’d want the ability to still have some be different. The ability to have two Arduinos running at the same time with two instances of the IDE is very important for debugging communications issues etc.

FTDI describes a way to fix a COM port assignment based on what USB port the device is plugged into:

It also appears to be possible to customize the USB ID so you could make all of your boards uniquely identifiable:

Thank you for the reply. When I look at the Com port for the Arduino Uno R2 in Device Manager it lists the driver as usbser.sys by Microsoft. Will the FTDI fix still work?

It says it needs FTDIBUS.SYS. You can download that at

It's not unusual that you are using a non-FTDI driver now. FTDI is very open with the specs on its chips and apparently you're using the generic Microsoft driver now.

...would be a good idea to take a backup though ;)