Arduino uno total devices

HI. Would like to know if arduino uno can take load of the following devices to start my project


No. It can not power a 12V motor.

Arduino Uno ports can handle 5V with a maximum of 40 mA. Take a look at the specs of your items. PIR and HC-05 can be directly connected, but motors will need external circuitry.
Have fun! :upside_down_face:

If No can arduino mega 2560 can handle?


What is external circutary ? can I use with motor driver ?

Show me the motor driver you want to use. Also a wiring diagram showing your power distribution.

External circuitry = circuits that are not within Arduino Uno --> a motor driver module :wink:

You should design your project before you start buying stuff.

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@aarg , what makes you think that OP isn't designing ? :wink:

If I look at the specs of the two motors in your opening post, you will need at least a 10A power supply (12V).

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