Arduino Uno unresponsive

I’ve owned this Arduino Uno for 2 years, creating amazing projects with it. Just last week, I bought the new 1sheeld (amazing shield btw). While connecting my project to a 12v relay (Arduino as common) it seemed to “shock” my arduino and computer, shutting both down. Both fired up and worked fine with 1sheeld. I’ve been trying to upload new sketches to this Uno, but am having troubles.

Steps taken:

  1. Reinstall Arduino ISP on Computer
  2. check ports and board-normal(Uno and Com7)
  3. changed cable
  4. tested LED on pin 13 w/ reset-flashed(bootloader works)
  5. Tried CodeBender-message displayed “Your Device is Unresponsive”

Power and L are lit as normal, board is fairly cool. Reset works fine.

It seems its not the cable or programmer, but somewhere on the board’s communication feedback. Any idea if this Uno is no longer good, or what is wrong?