Arduino Uno - upload not succeed (rx/tx leds not work)


I bought Arduino Uno about 1.5months ago, i use Uno my proto board. All works fine, but yesterday i try upload sketch to arduino. Compiled goes ok, but Arduino software dont succeed upload sketch to controller. When "uploading" is going tx & rx leds not blink/etc. I try everything but rx&tx leds not blink or light.

My Arduino Mega board works fine with same pc and software. Uno and Mega found own drivers ok, if i see "device manager" Yes i select right board and com port to arduino software menu.

Can anyone help me with this problem? Hopefully arduino can work again, with your help. Thanks to lot, everyone who read and comment my problem.

Do you get an error when trying to upload at the bottom of the arduino window? If so, can we see it?