Arduino Uno uploading problem

Hello, i have a replica of arduino uno, the name is “osepp uno”, which is basicaly the same thing as arduino uno, but the name is different.
I succeed to upload the first program, which is blink, and it worked. But now, i try to change the program, and it writes that the uploading is done. The issue is that the program that the arduino plays is blink, which means that the program in the arduino didn’t change. Also, i see the message in the black box under the program, the following thing is written: " avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 " . I tried the reset button on the hardware, i pushed it during 10 secs, i tried many things, but the program wont change. I am on COM3, which is the right one, i selected “arduino uno” in the Board section, and in the programmer, the one selected is " AVRISP mkII" (i dont know which one is the right).
Thank you for your help!

hi there,

i just googled "osepp uno" and the first link i took says that there is an important notice for rev1.1 & 1.2 osepp uno's it says u have to select 1. Arduino Duemilanove Or 2. Nano w/Atmega 328, in the IDE and than it explains why etc.. take a look for your self:

goodluck, nick

OMFG thank you so much, it worked!!! i succeed to upload it, i owe you that! after at least 4 hours of researching, it finally worked !! =P