Arduino Uno usb host shield + sd solo shield

Hi all, i have a problem to use both shield on my Arduino Uno. I try this way: 1) i connect sd solo shield ( directly on my Usb host shield mounted on the Arduino Uno. In this way Usb host shield work but sd shield no 2) i connect usb host and sd solo shield with SPI CONNECTOR: in particular i connect pin of usb host shield (7, 8, 9, 10) and spi pin (11,12,13) after i connect sd solo shield pin (4) and spi pin (11,12,13) but in this way only sd shield works well, meanwhile, usb host shield say, in an example (USB_DESC) osc dont start. 3) i try to set pin high (or low, according to use) for the one or the second shield but i dont have any result.

I need a very good help. Thx a lot for response

The linked SD card adapter is not a shield but a simple breakout. How do you mount that on top of the USB shield? And post schematics of that breakout! Many cheap SD breakout boards don't correctly implement the SPI bus (3V3 drivers without putting MISO tri-state if CS is HIGH), so that might be the source of your problems too, that's why we need the schematics.