Arduino Uno w/ USB Host Shield and BT Dongle to connect with Bicycle Powermeter

Hi Everyone, first post here.

I want to connect a Stages Powermeter with a Arduino Uno via Bluetooth. The Uno has a USB Host shield in which there is a bluetooth dongle. Since both units are more or les headless, is it possible to connect those two together?

I imagine it should at least be possible to save the BT adress of the powermeter in the code of the arduino and then connect automatically, or am I mistaken? I am open for suggestions.

Objective is to get sensor data from the powermeter and process from there (activate a motor that pulls a shift cable, etc...). We want to make a bicycle, that shift automatically based on applied torque and cadence.

Arduino Uno rev3.0
USB Host shield
Delock USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter
Those are the exact products I have.

Thanks in advance

any blue tooth equiped arduino should be able to gert the data.
and once you have it, you can use that for your project

I looked at the SPP.ino example and that is a slave only program, so you need to connect to it with your phone. What steps would need to be taken to make the arduino connect to a bluetooth slave by itself?