Arduino Uno+wave shield array size problem

Hello, I need your help
I am using arduino uno and wave shield in my project which is based on a games and applications using arduino uno
I have problem in the 3_D array size when I run all the code in the same time ,no enough space and it doesn’t work
any solution please for this problem (if we have libraries or another solution)

The Arduino UNO has 2048 bytes (1024 int, 512 long int) of SRAM. Some libraries (like Serial and Ethernet) use a significant portion of memory for buffers. String constants also take up SRAM space. Try to keep your memory use down.

You don't say how big your "3_D" array is.

Perhaps you should keep your data in PROGMEM. There is 32K of PROGMEM in the UNO and it's not too hard to learn how to use it.