Arduino UNO: Whats the max. Input-Current via Power-Jack

I have a 9V 1000 mA wall-wart, i also have a 9V, 400 mA wall-wart, which one is safer? (I only do projects with LEDs, and maybe a Piezo, no Motors or Solenoids)

Thanks for answering!

There is no max input CURRENT, there is only a max input VOTLAGE
400mA shall be enough, I am working with a 200mA, has always been enough

If you tend to short things out both can damage circuitry.

A human is the most unsafe part as we take shortcuts which usually lead to problems and damage.

The regulator is only rated for 800mA. Approaching that, it may go into thermal shutdown; earlier with 12V coming in, later with 7.5V coming in.