Arduino UNO WiFi and External Antenna


I have bought an Arduino UNO WiFi (Developer Edition) and an external antenna.
I attached the external antenna onto the arduino board.

And I would like to ask if there is any modification (in both hardware and software) I have to make in order to make the external antenna to work?
e.g. do I need to disable the internal antenna? If yes, how can I disable the internal antenna?

I have tried to find more info about this board(especially with an external antenna) on google, but nearly no info can be found…

Thank you very much.

According to the schematic (File Not Found) it looks like the board is NOT supposed to have both the external antenna connector and the internal antenna. It shows a zero-ohm resistor (R36) connecting the ESP8266 to the external antenna connector (CX1) and has a table showing that for Internal antenna you place the internal antenna (X3) and for the external antenna you place the resistor (R36) and connector (CX1).