Arduino uno wifi can't connect to wifi after setting fixed ip


I have an arduino uno wifi [developer edition] Arduino - Home
and I got it working programming OTA.
Because I couldn't not connect by hostname I decided to set it to a fixed ip adres. []
Since then I lost all contact with wifi [usb is still working].
I also can't connect to [because it's in STA mode I guess]

Is there a way to reset the wifi module ?

Thanks in advance,
Arno de Jong

You mention two different subnets !

Should they not both be in the same range eg. and 192.168.3.? rather than 3 and 240.

You need to disconnect the router (or Wifi Access Point) that it's connected to.

Then wait 30 seconds

Then It should show up again as wifi AP that you can connect to.

THEN YOU need to connect to it and Plug in and turn on the router (or Wifi Access Point) that the board was originally connected to.

By now you should be able to see the configuration panel of the Arduino Uno Wifi Developers Board.

I hope this helps!