Arduino Uno Wifi - Disable web configuration


I just got the Arduino Uno Wifi, and it took some time figuring out how to connect to a wifi network. I thought it was like an Arduino with a Wifi shield, where you configure it in the sketch, but it turned out that it is done by connecting to the access point the arduino makes, and then configuring it using a web interface on its ip address.

Very easy, not what I wanted but, you learn as long as you live. :)

Now I am wondering how to secure the Arduino on a non secure wifi. How can I disable the cofiguration interface, or at least configure it with access control (password).

I would also like to know if I could configure it using a sketch instead, I really do not like the web interface way.

Could it be moved to another port than port 80?

I cannot find any documentation on the ArduinoWifi.h library that they use in the example sketches.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards Brian.

UNO's don't have WiFi.

Are you sure that's what it is ? Was it a WiFi SHIELD ? Maybe post a picture or link to where you got it ?

Here it is: It's a .org board that has a built in ESP8266.

Hmm that might be worth adding to my collection !

Hmm that might be worth adding to my collection !

Yes, it is the only new .org board that interested me. The USB and ESP8266 are both connected to Serial and there’s some hardware that switches between the two but I’m not sure exactly how that works.

It sounds like there might be a specialized firmware running on the ESP8266. If that’s the case, my goal would be to install the latest Espressif AT firmware on it and use the WiFiEsp on the ATmega328P to control the ESP8266 as usual and forget that ArduinoWifi library.

Thanks Pert...That lib and your suggestion might just be the missing link for my ESP13 development shield

pert. Good tip. I will look into that.

You can program it over the air, and you can get serial access to the wifi chip, by holding down a button during power up.