Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2 Communication Failed

I was testing out example code in the WiFiNINA library earlier, specifically the WiFi SSL Client. I input my network credentials and uploaded the code. It was working and printing all of the bytes after connecting with Google, but then it froze after printing out many lines. I closed the serial monitor and it took a little while to close. When trying to run it again after uploading, all it prints is "Communication with WiFi module failed!". I cannot seem to connect with the "Wifi Module" anymore. I printed the actual WiFi.Status and it is always 255.
What I have tried: closing the Arduino IDE and restarting it as well as unplugging the USB. I tried uploading a new empty file in hopes of resetting everything. I tried uploading another sample from WiFiNINA such as the ScanNetworks. I tried updating the firmware to the current version and ran into issues with that the first time because an error popped up saying "Error while erasing flash memory". I tried again and I was able to update the firmware successfully. I am able to upload code; I uploaded the blink example and that works. I am not sure what is going because it was just working and I was able to talk to my wifi.

I resolved this. I did a series of events such as restarting my computer, downgrading and upgrading the firmware, resetting the Arduino, and disconnecting everything and it is somehow working now.

Hello Bthayer2,

Thanks for sharing your issue with the Arduino community.

Sorry it took so long to obtain a response.

It might be that the Wifi module got damaged or corrupted.

I would suggest you contact Arduino Technical Support and raise a ticket so we can investigate further.

Sorry for the inconvenience.