Arduino Uno Wifi rev2 doesn't connect to pc

Hi there!

I need some help or advice for my problem:
When I plug in my Arduino UNO Wi-Fi rev 2, my computer gives an error 43 and an unknown device.

Also, the "ON" LED lights up and the "L" LED blinks something fast (first half second or so); no RX or TX lights.

What I noticed about the earlier program (long time ago) -measured with a blue LED and potentiometer- is that the D11 switches on and off at a defined A5-value.

My thinking way is that I tried to do something with that, and I blasted the Arduino software away? Or trying to make I2c connection, but failed?
Can this be a thing, or is it a hardware problem? (Arduino always plugged in without other things on it!)

What I already have done:
Plugged the board to the 9V source and felt if anything gets hot, NOT!
Video about code 43 and how to fix it 100%;
Reinstalling the library in Arduino IDE;
All these things weren't a solution, because "code 43" keeps coming

Anyone helps?
Already, thanks!

What operating system are you using?

Make sure to install the board in the boards manager in the IDE.

I'm using Windows 10 Home (version 21H1)
And I reinstalled it here:

(Sorry for the Dutch settings)

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