Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 Incompatible with Adaftuit AMG8833 Breakout Board

Hello! I'm interested in diving more into why the Adafruit AMG8833 is incompatible with the Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2. I found that the breakout board works with the SDA/SCL on a Sainsmart Mega 2560 (Arduino Mega knockoff) but not on the SDA/SCL on the Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2.

Previous investigation on the Adafruit forums can be found here:

Link to the breakout board in question:

Link to the chip and board reference documentation:

I felt it best to move the investigation of compatibility to the Arduino forum since we determined the Adafruit sensor breakout board was in fact not broken.

Please help me determine if there's anything I can do (i.e. make library edits, add pullup/pulldown resistors to my circuit, change the SDA/SCL pins in any way) to make the breakout board compatible with the Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2.

I'm sure other customers will face this issue.

An important difference I've noted is how the I2C bus communicates information. Looking through my logic analyzer I can see that the breakout board's I2C address on the Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 (0x69) is left shifted by one (becomes 0xD2 in a read and 0xD3 in a write). However it doesn't seem to be (or at least is not interpreted to be) on the Mega. There also seems to be more junk on the SDA line of the Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2. You can also see the logic analyzer/protocol interpreter was able to determine start and stop bits clearly on the the Mega's SDA line but not the Arduino Uno WiFi REv2's SDA line.

Not sure if this is a quirk of my analyzer/protocol interpreter but it may be the cause of what is going on.

Sainsmart Mega 2560:

Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2: