Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 vs Arduino Uno R3 + ESP8266


I am looking to build a project where the Arduino wirelessly sends data to a webserver and the data is displayed on a website. The website will also have the ability to control certain functions of the arduino.

I would like to know if this can be achieved by the Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 as well as the Arduino Uno R3 combined with an ESP8266 WiFi Module.

If anyone has any experience with either of the two, would you be able to give me an insight into why one may be better than the other? Can they both be used in a similar manner?

I realise that combining the Arduino Uno R3 with the ESP8266 module would a cost-effective solution. However, using the Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 might be a more straightforward solution.

Thanks in advance

Check these out:

So long as you have a WiFi connection any Arduino should do, but there's more to it or less as the case may be.
You can use an ESP32 or ESP8266 as their own Arduino which is both cost effective and code simplified.
Look further for examples of what you are trying to do.

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