Arduino UNO Wifi Rev2 with 32 x 8 LED Matrix

I'm having power issues with a 32 x 8 display. I've used libraries LedControl and LedController and figured out the following:

If I don't reset the 32 x 8 display to clear, it can display all LEDs lit - this is enough to overload the Arduino board such that the ON light dims and it becomes unresponsive. This is true of other WiFi boards like Wemos D1 R2, ESP 8266 and ESP 32.

I can make it work with WiFi, ezTime but NOT with Serial. I can get Serial to work provided I don't use LedControl or LedController. That makes it hard to debug as I can't output trace information to see what's going on.

I'm hoping to get information from Open Weather so I can add local weather information. So far it's working as a clock with time and date.

How do I power the 32 x 8 display independantly from the Arduino without overloading it's 5V supply?

Get a 5V wallwart, connect to your display. Connect the display Gnd to Arduino Gnd along with the signals.

I've been meaning to try that. What still don't understand is why Serial dies when I start using LedControl or LedController?