Arduino UNO WIFI Rev2 with DS18B20 and library OneWire


I use first an Arduino UNO Rev3 with DS18B20, and all works fine with the library oneWire standard.
I try to change with an Arduino UNO WIFI Rev2, and the DS18B20 is no more detected !
I try with another Arduino (same model), and I have the same problem.
I make some mesure with my ascilloscope, and we see the problem (pink line = High level on one output to see when the functions 'begin and search are active, blue line= signal on the DS18B20 command:
with the Arduino WIFI Rev2, nothing append on the output, I have tried others output with the same result!
I try with the library OneWireNg, and with this library, it’s OK
I am not good enough to find what must be changed in the standard OneWire.h to correct the problem . After searching, I think the problem is in OneWire_direct_gpio.h (perhaps only a definition to add/change to be compliant with the new architecture of this new card ?)

CardInfo :
BN : Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2
VID : 0x03eb
PID : 0x2145

Thank in advance for your help


The last library proposed by Arduino is OneWire 2.3.4 I have downloaded the latest library directly on github, and it's OK with this new library !