Hi i just bought Arduino Uno wifi Could someone tell me why the hack i can't find any info or tutorials about the board on this super page? This board needs bit playing its not straightly easy to connect.

sad :(


Uno WiFi & WiFi Link unofficial documentation

Why is it unofficial documentation? Is it kind of not official arduino board? Or is something wrong with the board? I can find more info about WeMos D1 which is just clone.)

as a developer edition it has a buggy firmware from factory. but the board is almost perfect if you understand it. with tuned WiFi Link firmware what I have, it is everything you may want from the combination of atmega end esp8266. and on one board - no cables.

I started writing the unofficial doc, because of know-how I gathered and I answered always the same questions on forums.

There was a big split between the Arduino creators that has now been resolved. The board you are asking about was created by the heretic faction. So you really shouldn't expect to find any information on it here.

Hi there Delta_G. I see you have been around for quite a while but I must disagree just a bit.

The founders have recently taken control of the entire Arduino universe. The site is defunct and redirects to but, under open source rules, this board ought to have been there with a forum, schematics, Eagle files, etc. It will obviously take time to clean up the mess but I trust it will be cleaned up.

User barbarerik should be entitled to return the item to its vendor for a refund if he finds misrepresentation. Additionally, the site should either support this board or declare it to be an illegal clone and demand that it not be sold under the Arduino trademark. This is my opinion of how the mess should be handled.

Now, barbarerik wants to use the Arduino software to accomplish some wireless task. An immediate solution might be to go to the MKR1000 board. An alternative might involve one of the Feather boards from Adafruit or some other reputable source, or using some WiFi shield. Another alternative might be for him to follow the advice from juraj, realizing of course that anything done will require some experimentation and learning.

If site can support and sell rump products like the Arduino M0 we need to be consistent in handling the other items that issued from the schism. I do hope that we can improve this situation in the coming months.

SurfingDude: Hi there Delta_G. I see you have been around for quite a while but I must disagree just a bit.

I don't have any control over any of that stuff. I just know that particular product isn't one that you're going to find the stuff for on this site. If you feel like you want to bitch at someone about how this site is run, then you're not going to want to do that on the forum as the people you need to bitch to never come here.

… as the people you need to bitch to never come here.

they are here Topic: now redirects to

Since the announcement we’ve been very busy taking over all the activities of the former .org

We’re looking at all the products they developed and figuring out how to best support them.

We’ll have a better picture towards the end of september, give us a bit of time to provide you a meaningful answer.


Thanks all for your answers

Yes problem is i spend lot of time and money to buy not supported boards. I would like to spend more time with creativity and logic of whole project then running to shop or ordering useless thing (for me i am not a coder just hobbyist i believe that some more cleaver human than me can solve any problem)

I need to run motor there and back. From tutorial i have got code to use driver VNH2SP30 and i want it drive it over UDP.

Is the wifi shield for UNO easiest and right way?

thank you once more

they are here Topic: now redirects to

Redirecting the website here is one thing. Bit anyone with the team actually showing up here to see this thread is another.

If you are with the official Arduino team and have any control over what does or does not get published on this website and you see this post please reply and show me wrong. Otherwise I still think you're all jerks for ignoring your (free and volunteer) support community.

Hello Delta_G, Juraj, and barbaric,

I mean no disrespect to any of you. My hope is that the moderator of this discussion forum will step in and offer a constructive solution.

There are 2 issues here.

1 is that barbaric is a user asking for help. I don't have a complete solution to offer him. The original Arduino WiFi shield was sluggish. The WiFi101 shield showed progress, it had enough memory and processing speed to support a robust IPV4 stack but was priced too high and is no longer available. Other WiFi shields are to me unknown quantities but are mostly unavailable, as are any other boards that offer both Arduino and WiFi. My best thought is for him to use the MKR1000 board with maybe a shield adapter to support his stepper motor application. There are other ready-to-go solutions available from Sparkfun and Adafruit and both of these companies, in my experience, produce quality products.

2 is that barbaric, in good faith, bought a product that was not quite finished (as far as software and documentation) and not of the quality of "real" Arduino products. I would not be surprised to find that ebay is full of "extra production" boards, either from or as counterfeit knock-offs. I suspect that the problems can be worked through but I don't know if that's part of what he needs to do or perhaps he would prefer to wait until the promised "better picture" arrives later this month.