Arduino """"""UNO"""""" with Bluetooth.

how can we connect two Arduino """"""UNO"""""" with Bluetooth?


my problem is between the 2 uno, i used the same interface procedure but it doesn't work ,allthe data on the internet is between 2 nano, or 2 mega or one uno with nano , i mean what about 2 uno ?

There is no functional difference, that I know of, between an Uno and a Nano. They use the same processor (Mega328). The difference between a Mega and Uno, in this case, is that the Mega can use hardware serial to talk to the BT module, where the Uno needs to use software serial. I don't think that your issue is because of different Arduinos, but since we can't see your code or how things are connected how can we know? And the only clue as to what is happening is "it doesn't work", which conveys no useful information.