Arduino Uno with CuHead Wifi and NFC (Multi SPI)

I have an Arduino Uno that I want to use the Copperhead wifi shield : and the PN532 NFC shield : with.

Both want to use pin 10 as the SS pin for SPI, so I’ve rerouted pin 8 on the Uno to pin 10 on the NFC board (the wifi is in the middle, using pin 10 as usual).

Both boards work perfectly well independently, including rerouting pin 8 to pin 10 for the NFC board. I’ve even bent pin 8 out on the wifi board to make absolutely sure nothing is interfering with that pin. Also, the wifi board is set to use pin 2 for the interrupt.

When I stack them together, the wifi shield still works, but the software is unable to find the NFC board. I thought maybe power was an issue, so I added an external power supply, but that had no effect.

Any ideas? Pins 11 - 13 for SPI SHOULD be stackable. I’m at a bit of a loss. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi all,

I'm having exactly the same issues as anderkh - with slightly different equipment (Arduino Mega, Seeedstudio PN532 NFC shield, Arduino original WiFi shield) and can't for the life of me get them to play nicely together. I've rerouted SS for the WiFi shield, stacked the NFC shield on top of the Mega and the WiFi shield on top of that (as the NFC shield has ICSP headers exposed that the WiFi can plug into) and I've checked that each component works independently (including with the SS rerouting). At the moment the NFC works fine whenever the WiFi isn't stacked on top, but as soon as the WiFi is brought in then it seems to take over and the NFC board is not recognised.

I'm completely at a loss so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...