Arduino Uno with Ethernet Shield not working (link led not on)

I have a simple question, if the 'link' led on the ethernet shield is not lighting up when I plug into the ethernet jack, is this a sign of a faulty board? (obviously the board is powered on)

The cable works fine when plugged into other devices/pcs ... just not the ethernet shield :(

I am only a newbie with the arduino, so there could be many other problems, but I just wanted to know any simple ways of diagnosing whether the problem is with the ethernet shield (hardware) or the software ... which was just the WebClient/WebServer example sketches.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hmm, disappointing that no one here could tell me if plugging a working cable into the ethernet shield RJ45 socket should turn on the connected lights on, etc.

I got my answer on stackexhange fairly quickly -

I ended up buying another board which worked as expected … a freetronics ethernet ten.