Arduino uno with EthernetV2 over Modbus TCP problems

I am new to the Arduino world and Im having a lot of trouble with the communication setup of ModbusTCP. I am trying to use the Arduino as a slave with a Red Lion HMI as master. I have found a copy paste program similar to what I'm trying to do but I cannot get it to compile. I'm getting multiple errors for multiple things. Can someone walk me through exactly what libraries I need???

Paste your code into a code block </> not as a picture as that makes it impossible to read on some devices. To post as a code block simply copy your code paste it into the window and select the code black button </> whilst the code is highlighted.

Paste a copy of the error messages into a separate code block (there is a button top right in the IDE to copy the output ready to paste into the forum. Seeing the error messages will make it much easier for someone to recognise what needs correcting.

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