Arduino uno with GSM sheild...SOAP web services

Hi All, I'm doing my research project using Arduino uno.I need to detect power outages(simply 1 or 0).Then i need to update my apache axis web server that i have configured in my laptop via soap.please be kind enough to guidance to use soap with arduino gsm web client.(i need only pass 1 or 0 when power outage occurs.)

Change the programming on the server to use something simpler than SOAP. SOAP is quite blown up with stuff not needed in most situations and not suited for implementation on a microcontroller. Although you can program the Arduino to send some simple SOAP calls, it just wastes flash memory to store all the crap surrounding the essential information. Use SOAP on the bigger irons with GBs of memory but not on a processor with 2kB or RAM (many SOAP calls I see are bigger than this).

thank you pylon.. in my project i have so many soap clients are accessing web server using android client. That's why i planed to implement arduino with SOAP.I got your advice...thank you.Is there any way to communicate with web server using http request provided with gsm sheild (gsm web client).i need to update my sql database state when power failure occurs.instead using soap what is the best way to access my database using arduino??

I don't know your setup and server programming skills but a REST API is easier and doesn't waste too many resources. In your case where a simple boolean information has to be transmitted a simple action on the server getting some GET parameters is the best solution from an Arduino perspective.

Thank you for your response pylon..I'm not much familiar with rest web services anyway i planed to build a simple rest service to update database according to Boolean value coming from arduino.please send me guidance or sample code for accessing rest methods in arduino.And also i need to clarify what is gsm web client/gsm web server comming with arduno samples.because i need to communicate via gsm sheild. Thank you

Which shield are you using? Doesn't it come with examples that include a web server and a web client?

Im using arduino gsm sheild..then how can i communicate rest service in arduino..??because i cant use Ethernet sheild i need to acces server wireless method.after i fix arduino device some location it needs to send data to server using gsm/gprs data..thats my requirement.please be kind enough to guide me how can i pass Boolean value data to rest web service using arduino.... thank you

In the examples directory of the GSM library you find the GsmWebServer and GsmWebClient examples. Usually it's much easier to use the later on a GSM network because in most countries you don't get an IP address without NATing. Appending the value to the GET request shouldn't be a big problem.