Arduino Uno with LPD8806 Help Please!

Hey everyone I’m super new to arduino and well programming basically. I just got the lpd8806 and got it going with the adafruit code you can download to test the strip. It works but now I wanna know how to program this led strip to my own specs like doing a ton of different patterns directions colors etc. I also wanna use a switch or rotory switch so I can select different patterns manually and put the strip in a ikea lamp. My future goal is wanting to also get a ethernet or wifi connection to the uno so I can use the led strip as a ifttt notification lamp. Is any of this possible? Can someone please help me? Thanks.

PS total noob and will need your patience. Thanks again :slight_smile: Hope someone or all can help.


Why can't anyone help me?!

It's possible. You can use RGB Led libraries, there are many around there. I think you can learn quickly how to use them

Ok cool can you direct me to them? Sorry im trying to learn how to use this arduino uno but it takes time my heads spinning. Thought this forum would have been full of users to help me more.

Yeah there are nice people who are willing to help others, we simply show you directions you need to walk the path, My favorite quote: there is difference between knowing the path and walking it.

Google Search returned “arduino rgb led library”,90160.0.html

Google Search returned “arduino wifi rgb”

This one really nice:


I don't know how any of that and this stuff works. Ugh I'm feeling I wasted money on this.. I don't know where to start what words or code to use and you gotta mention the file libraries at the beginning?! I'm so lost :(