Arduino Uno with M5100B-D GSM Shield network connection

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I am new to working with Arduinos and prototyping and I am having difficulty with a project I have committed myself to. A bit of background: The project is intended to use my Arduino Uno with an GSM shield to triangulate location at frequent and repeating intervals. So far I have the hardware set up and working to a stage of two way communication between my computer and the shield. Upon activation I receive:

Starting SM5100B Communication...
+SIND: 0

+SIND: 10,"SM",0,"FD",0,"LD",0,"MC",0,"RC",0,"ME",0

+SIND: 8

After doing some research I have established that this means I am not properly connected to the cell tower network (makes sense, since I cannot retrieve information about the network or connected cellids). My attempt at a resolution was to change the frequency on which the shield was recieving by commanding:


This was intended to change the frequency to the correct range, given by my service provider. This has not proven successful and I am reaching out for help to anyone who may be more versed with this stuff. (so far I have been following the guidance prescribed at this blog:

The hardware I have installed are listed below:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Spreadtrum communications INC. model number M5100B-D
  3. an attached antenna,
  4. 9V direct AC power supply
  5. Vergin Mobile Sim Card LTE

Thank you for your help!!

  • Jff-M


The connection +Sband: 0 indicates the sim card is not inserted. There is a connection error between my Vergin Mobile Sim card and the shield. Could anyone confirm this issue or a workaround?


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