Arduino Uno with MCP 4725 AND MCP 9808

I am currently trying to display digital output(I2C) as an analogue signal on an oscilloscope. The board I am using is Arduino Uno, and I have MCP4725(DAC) and MCP9808 (Temperature Sensor).
I found a few examples where Uno is connected to MCP4725 to generate sine wave but what I want to do is the signal from MCP9808 gets converted from digital signal to an analogue signal by using MCP4725. I am not sure how to go about with this one.

I can get MCP 4725 and MCP9808 working fine when each of them is directly connected to Arduino Uno only.

However, when I try to put all of them together and trying to achieve my aim, I don’t know where to start. For example, for MCP 9808 the SDA and SCL is connected to A4 and A5 in UNO. Should I connect 9808’s SDA and SCL to 4725’s SDA and SCL too?

Also coding wise, how can this be done?

_9808.ino (647 Bytes)

DAC1.ino (4.93 KB)