Arduino uno with tft touch screen and 2 stepper motors

Hello, i'm planning on making a camera slider which does both translation and rotation and coupled with a tft touch screen. im just wondering if this is feasible as it seems that the tft touch screen uses all the pin outs from the uno, so how would i go about adding additional pin out for the steppers? or is there additional pins which i can use thanks!


if you don't use A4 and A5 you could use those to hook up an I2C port expander.
Thus you could then hook up the two stepper drivers, which each use at least 2 pins (dir & step).

I would be very surprised if the touch screen uses all the I/O pins. Check the datasheet carefully.

As @rpt007 says you only need 4 pins for two stepper motors if you use stepper drivers that take step and direction signals.

Stepper Motor Basics


If the TO has the v1 Seeed Studio version of the 2,8" TFT Touch, then it seems that only A4 and A5 are unused.
So I2C would be the only option to go ahead as I said in my previous post.

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In that case I don't reckon an Uno is suitable for what you want. Will that shield work with a Mega.

Or perhaps find a different touchscreen that uses fewer pins.

Another thing to consider is how much of its time must the Arduino devote to the touch screen and how much is left over to manage the stepper motors?


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