Arduino Uno with Xbee Shield, Ethernet Shield and LCD Shield

Hi there guys,
I have been working on a data logging project using Arduino Uno and Ethernet Shield with Xbee shield.
There were few problems faced while integrating the hardware.

Hardware Used (Coordinator)
x1 Arduino Uno R3
x1 Ethernet Shield R3
x1 Xbee Shield
x1 Xbee Antenna Series 2

Data Logger
x1 Arduino Uno
x1 Xbee Shield
x1 Xbee Antenna Series 2

  1. Arduino ICSP pins can only power the Ethernet Shield while the headers on top of the Ethernet shield is not available to power up the Xbee shield. I managed to solve this problem by adding ribbon cables to the Arduino and interfacing with Xbee. Will upload pics when i have the time. It has been tested working and that shall be the coordinator.

The other problem i have is the data logger which consists of Arduino Uno, Xbee Shield and LCD4884 shield.
I do not have any idea how i can stack them.

Any ideas guys?