Arduino Uno wont load ( Launch4j error)

I just bought an Arduino and I installed the program , and then attach the Arduino board to my laptop which is running Win7 64 bit. I have a quad core i3 , my problem is when I try to run the Arduino program It takes awhile to load and then it says Launch4j then Msg saying error occurred while starting application, If someone could help me that would be great

I also dont see the driver it says to install, So I let it search for the driver and it found one , I also have a Amber flashing led on my board (L) and the green On led is on as well, I have uninstalled the program and re-installed it, Still same thing, PLZ Help Thanks

FIXED .. Change the name of the file that installed mine went to My Documents ,after I changed the name and clicked Arduino the start the program it said I was missing the file and it added a new one (which I didn't change the name of ) And it seems to run Perfect now