Arduino UNO wont read by PC (Windows 8.1)

I have Windows 8.1 64-bit, Arduino IDE 1.8.13, Arduino UNO R3 (with that ATmega chip)

and I have 3 cords

1st cord (the usual blue cord that comes with the board) behaves: responds but gives an error:
Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

A request for the USB device descriptor failed.

and Power LED illuminates in half brightness with LED Pin 13 not illuminating

2nd cord (Printer cord from decade ago) behaves: no response, no error (no status update whether something has been attached to the port) but the Power LED and LED Pin 13 illuminates in full brightness

3rd cord (pretty bad cord with old copper that easily breaks) behaves: responds but with error (maybe shorted because my PC's bluetooth dongle disconnects everytime I plug it in) and Power LED and LED Pin 13 blinks 2 times simultaneously and stops and blink rapidly in loop

So yeah I think this is cased closed.
May this problem help everyone:
So I cut my USB 2.0 of Cord 2 then found some new USB Plug and twist their wires then boom

Arduino UNO R3 is responding
So maybe not because of some driver
I received a defective USB Cord

My PC is reading my UNO but it disappears so I guess I have to buy solder tomorrow to put them in my protoboard

The cheap blue cords often come with clones from China have been shown to be quite unreliable.
I would always suggest getting better quality ones and paying a little extra for them.