Arduino Uno, XBee S1, API

Dear Forum,

I have project that use Arduino Uno and XBee S1 to send some data. At the first time, I tried to use manual code in AT (transparent) mode. But I find some difficulties in coding it because my topology is not P2P, but Star. and then when I read this ( article, I found that it's better for me to use API mode for my project.

but I have difficulities on understanding the xbee library. Here is where I get the XBee API library: And this is the explanation of xbee.h (which is expalantion about xbee api library): and this is how to configure for API:

So, the question is, could anyone provide me a simple example to code it for Star Topology?

Thank you in advance :)

the configuration for API in X-CTU: