Arduino uno

I am really frustrated and desperatly need assistance. The code is developed (it took mr two weeks to write) that tells my arduino which of the 6 positions my object is in. The problem I'm having is sending this signal via transmitter (from sparkfun) to the receiver. What I need is to have the transmitter send pulses ( one to six ) At this time the transmitter is counting 1 to 255 ( I think it is working) and the receiver is receiving signals from the transmitter but showing a lot of zeros with intermittent random numbers up to the 255 range. I only need one channel for the pulses, this seems like it would be simple for an experienced arduino person. Is there a simple solution for this project? Can anyone recommend library code for this? Please, someone help before I go insane.... Harvey

Please tell us (a lot) more. You have an Arduino Uno with something from Sparkfun that is not doing as expected.

Can you give a link to that Sparkfun transmitter and receiver. I have no clue what kind of communication you have, I don't even know if it is wireless. Did the transmitter and receiver come with libraries ? What libraries ? How is everything connected. You can use Fritzing or make a photo. What is your sketch ? You can upload the complete sketch, use the button (above the text field) with the '#' to put the sketch between code tags. An object in 6 positions ? please tell what it is.

The mention of 255 makes me think you have an issue with your receiver's handling of the serial input - 255 (-1) is what the serial read function returns when there is nothing to be read. As Erdin says, post your code - this is a common issue.