Arduino Uno

Hello guys i recently bought a arduino Uno. i installed the software using the installer. i am using windows 10. when i connect my arduino to my computer the green light is working but the port menu in the software is grayed out.The driver must have been installed by the installer but the device manager does not sgow so. When i try to locally browse the software ,windows shows no driver found i have tried the arduino ide software but i also doesnt work. Still the port option is greyed out. Need Help Thanks

Go to device manager and go to COM ports. Then right click and select update driver software. Click browse my computer for driver. Then go to C:/program files/arduino/drivers * then click OK. It should say driver installed successfully. 64bit folder C:/Program files(x86)/arduino/drivers

If you mean by installed the software the Arduino IDE that does not install the drivers for the Arduino.

I already mentioned that windows says that it didnt find any driver. And yes the software didnt install the driver.

bhavay07: I already mentioned that windows says that it didn`t find any driver.

But you didn't say how you got there... If you let Windows try to automatically find the drivers it will fail.

So do you have a COM device in Device Manager? And does it have a ! next to it? Or any other device (unknown) with a ! before it?