Arduino Uno

Why has the Arduino Uno a Atmega328 and not a Atmega644PA-PU. It's not a great step forward !

The reason a 644 is not used I think is because they want to keep it DIP and the 644 in DIP is a bit too large for the standard form factor of the arduino.

I have a few boards with 644s on (SMD and DIP) and yeah it is a good compromise of price and functionality. Has the two serial ports and double the flash for not much more price wise than the 328.


And a lot more ram, and the price between the two in bulk is not very different.

When i build a "Arduino on a breadboard" with a Atmega644PA-Pu and add a Arduino USB Adapter to it. Is it then possible to flash the atmega644 with the arduino ide bootloader ?

If yes, must i do some changes on the ide to do it ?