arduino uno

hello, :0

If you need help then post what you have and we will see what is wrong. If you want someone to write the code for you then say that is what you want.

Edit:- Ha some one who changes the original posts once the answers come in

Would you also like us to send you money?

that would be nice :) i only accept cash though

a troll with a sense of humour!

Send us all a set of your hardware, and we'll have a go.

you mean parts that i have?,

no, your heavy metal clothes

sorry im not a rocker 8), im a lover ;)

This thread makes up for the forum running slowly ...

Please don't PM us. Use the forum for asking questions, and only PM other members if they ask you to.

We can help you with your sketch, but we won't write it for you. You can ask in Gigs and Collaborations for that, but you may have to pay someone if you go down that route.

I don't have that sensor, and 'a motor with speed controller' is a bit vague. Is it a radio-control, servo replacement ESC, or something else?

Try putting something together. Start by trying to get a reading from the sensor displayed in the serial console. Then try to get your motor to move. When you can do the two things separately, try combining the two.