Arduino upload file from sd card to my hosting?

Hi, I have data files in arduino sd card I want to upload that files my server and I will use that data files for show statics my customers.

Can you give me a source or sample upload code?

what kind of hosting do you use?
(simply I would like to use hosting too)

Hi there. I am using dedicated servers, because they are very comfortable and easy to use. 1 year ago I was wondering the same thing as you, I didn't know what hosting to use, because I had no experience in that area at all. However, I was saved when one of my friends has recommended me these dedicated servers in usa, which are very qualitative and cheap. I was surprised by its price - it starts from 49$ per month. At the same time, other hostings are offering the same services for at least a double price. Moreover, the hosting that I am using has a lot of advantages, like for example 1-10 day low cost trial, good server equipment, stable uptime and so on!